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You're right, the mix is better, however I feel that this could have used more riff variation, considering that the rhythm guitar is just chugging away with that one riff for almost the whole song. Mainly could have used more variations in general. Of course, this is Mr. 133 time signatures speaking.

ADR3-N responds:

Wow thanks -- I wasn't expecting another review. I admit I didn't spend too long on this piece and hastily drafted out with a latin-inspired bass track, which is the basis for the entire piece, other than a small clip of Troisnyx's vocals, which were admittedly my focus. Sort of a reharmonization, really. If you liked this, I recommend you check out her original mix AND the few remixes in her related playlist, which is on her page.

Also, hilariously enough, the mix on this is still terrible. I accidentally put my cab simulators before the amps! LOL

Not the type of music that I would listen to by itself, but it works well with animations, I can imagine.

Yeah, I can see this in a game or movie.

ADR3-N responds:

Oh this is so old and terrible -- if I remember correctly I still had to freeze things and mix them down into a single track because I was using a trial version of my current DAW lmao. Not very much fun, haha. My new stuff isn't as good as it could be -- I actually haven't been able to release most of my demos for the past several months due to frequent computer crashes -- but I've since learned how to actually mix things since. You might dig.

Thanks for the review!


I felt a tug. However, this wouldn't do anything to me emotionally if it wasn't connected to the ending of my favorite point and click game series on the planet.

This song was released when I was seven days old. Pretty good stuff.

This song is seven months older than I am. JEEZUS. Anyway, this is pretty good, but to repetitive and short to not be classed as a loop.

This was released on my 11th birthday. Personally, I think it's a good song, but it isn't anything absolutely noteworthy. Still great for background music, though. Maybe I have just grown out of this style of music.

This is a nice chipstep song, but people in the EDM community is really strict when it comes to genre characteristics. This can be dubstep, even though it's 110 BPM. I swear, there is NO variation in the EDM community. I only like EDM as an occasional listen and listen to experimental music that varies from song to song, not just genre to genre, so I might be biased.

I wouldn't mind listening to this, but I won't come back to it on my own.

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